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"You know enough already. So do I. It is not knowledge we lack. What is missing is the courage to understand what we know and to draw conclusions." Sven Lindqvist

Climate change is a ginormous question with a million different answers. There is a whole lot to get your head around once you start investigating: the science, the technology, the politics and the psychology of climate change are all huge areas that you could spend a lifetime beefing up on and still not know everything there is to know. Plus things are moving on really quickly on every front, with some big areas of controversy emerging, especially around some of the technological and political solutions under consideration. Not Stupid are making our own minds up about things as we go along, and we hope you will come along with us as we try to get cleverer, and spread awareness and understanding of the key issues we will encounter on the journey back to climate safety.

But remember – we already know enough to act. Learning and analysis are very important but at this late stage in the game, it is important to remember the motto of the Suffragettes: Deeds Not Words. We know we need to drastically reduce emissions now, so let’s not waste any time scratching our chins before getting on with doing that.


We all know the internet plays host to a world of poorly-informed opinions on every subject under the sun - especially climate change. Nobody is right all the time, but the links below will take you to some voices you can trust to cut through the tosh to give clear, carefully considered perspectives on the problem we face and the challenge ahead in addressing it:

  • - The website of a little film about climate change you may have come across.
  • - The website of British author, journalist and environmentalist Mark Lynas.
  • - The website of that other British author, journalist and environmentalist, George Monbiot.
  • - The website of American author, journalist and environmentalist Joseph Romm.
  • - The website of British author and environmentalist George Marshall, which focuses on the psychology of climate change denial.
  • - Climate science geekery by working climate scientists for the interested public and journalists.
  • - The website of the Public Interest Research Centre, a British think-tank on climate change, energy and economics.

Of course, the world and its dog can be found on the internet so we'll stop there: for RSS feeds from these and a host of other climate sites Team Stupid rates highly are available on our news page.


The following books all come highly recommended by Team Stupid for in-depth getting to grips with the brain-bending scope of climate change problems and solutions. We don't necessarily agree with everything in them (they don't all agree with one another) but if you want to get cleverer, then get stuck in:


Can't be bothered to read books? Settle down on the sofa in front of some of these:

  • An Inconvenient Truth - If you haven't seen this yet then - where have you been? Most scientists (and Al himself) now agree it underplayed both the threat and the scale of the challenge of responding to it, but it remains essential viewing for the foreseeable future.
  • The Eleventh Hour - Leonardo Di Caprio's baby, aimed at an American audience.  
  • Everything's Cool - talking heads from the US talk about climate change.
  • Global Warming: Nigeria Under Attack - Nigeria wakes up to the horrible threats it faces from rising sea levels, spreading deserts and erosion from heavier rainfall.
  • The Age of Stupid - yep we've plugged it again. It's way the best one. Obviously.



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A short animated film about the feedback loops likely to lead to catastrophic climate change. The script, with extensive peer-reviewed references and additional information and links, is available at
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