Copenhagen Sprint

The UN climate summit will meet in Copenhagen in December 2009 to finalise the successor to the Kyoto Treaty. If the new deal is not as strong as the science demands - massive cuts in global emissions starting very soon - then it will be nothing short of a suicide pact. Right now, the most ambitious plans being put forward by any rich nation would give us a 50% chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change. We think humanity deserves better.


Despite Copenhagen being perhaps the most important meeting in human history, the international politics that will dictate how it plays out can be fiendishly difficult to follow and understand - which is why Team Stupid have put together the Copenhagen Sprint.

The Sprint is a simplified graphic representation of where different countries stand in the climate change stakes. We hope you find it helpful in getting your head around the mess we're all in, and the progress of our politicians in making workable plans to get us out of it. Remember - nobody can actually win this race until everyone has crossed the finish line.

Learn more about the UN meeting in Copenhagen here.

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